BKC Exchange open source project

Although we are against using crypto assets for the only purpose to make a profit in fiat currency we encourage exchanging crypto assets between each others. We had a chance to see from first hand how much are exchanges centralized. Bigger exchange volume means they ask bigger amount of BTC or other crypto asset to place new coin. That is opposite of the initial idea from which Bitcoin, the God of all other altcoins, was created. Instead of bringing control in people hands today exchanges help mainly to organizational crypto assets because only they have the funds needed to be placed on a large volume exchange. This is where our project, an open source exchange for dummies, will help. There is lack of such projects and the ones that already exists are no longer maintained or updated. There are couple of exclusions but they are very hard to setup and limited to only small portion of coin types. Even the software that you can buy for money is not satisfactory and very limited. So, if you want to make your own crypto asset exchange you will need a big team of programmers, a good amount of money and a lot of time. With this project we are planning to change that. Everything will be done thru web and easy to setup. Mandatory condition for users that will setup and work with this software will be to use Balkancoin as one of the primary assets for trading pairs among the others crypto coins.