Some users don’t want to wait for the whole blockchain to download because it takes a lot of time. In such cases Balkancoin GUI Wallet offers an option to connect to remote nodes and to work as a light version wallet.
Click on the menu of BKC GUI Wallet and select Setting > Connection. You will be presented with a screen like this:

Select Remote daemon option and pick server. That should look like this:

When you click on Save there will be a message saying that you need to restart the wallet in order to activate the change. Click on OK, close the GUI Wallet and start it again.

Congratulations. Now you are connected to a remote node and your wallet operates like a light wallet, meaning that it doesn’t download blocks. Now the wallet only browses through the transactions on the remote node.

When connected to a remote node transaction is not fixed 0.001 BKC but it’s dynamic 0.25% BKC with a maximum amount of 10 BKC.

This is a good option for the new users which don’t have time for waiting whole blockchain to download and also it is a good option for receiving faucet awards because exchange has a minimum deposit of 100 BKC.

Don’t forget that with downloading the whole blockchain you are helping the Balkancoin network mostly but exceptions can be made if you are in a rush. resolves to multiple IPs. One is our official remote node and the others are community remote nodes. Users connect randomly to one of those servers.