Initial release


First official version of Balkancoin was released and first block was mined. After checking that everything is working fine the official website, pools and explorers…

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New difficulty algorithm


A new difficulty algorithm was introduced in order for the Balkancoin network to be more resistant to attackers with huge hash rate that would go…

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Balkancoin placed on the first exchange


Balkancoin was placed on the first exchange Crypto Hub. Although a little bit early according to our way of thinking the community rushed us to…

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New LWMA difficulty algorithm


Another hard fork that implemented LWMA or Linearly Weighted Moving Average difficulty algorithm for further improvements of difficulty adjustment according to miners hashing power. It…

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Balkancoin placed on the second exchange


Balkancoin was placed for trading on the second exchange TradeOgre. Again thru implications, help and reactions from some of the members BKC was added for…

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Balkancoin placed on the third exchange


Balkancoin was placed for trading on the third exchange Altex. This is a relatively new exchange with big potential. Placement on this exchange was done…

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BKC Signal Service


This is one of the projects for real use of Balkancoin digital asset as a payment for a unique web service. BKC Signal will be…

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Balkancoin mobile wallet


A full mobile wallet will be released that will enable users to send and receive transactions from their mobile devices. This will not be an…

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BKC Exchange open source project


Although we are against using crypto assets for the only purpose to make a profit in fiat currency we encourage exchanging crypto assets between each…

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BKC Social Service


Online service for social leverage that will use BKC as a payment option. There are already services of this kind but you can only exchange…

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BKC Smart service and devices


This will be the hardest project to realize because a hardware monitoring devices will need to be produced. Those will be mini computers, something like…

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